After Hours GP – A Boon in Disguise

In Brisbane, most of the cases that are not even emergency cases land in emergency departments. Minor issues such as ankle sprains, sore back or even viral infections leave no space in emergency departments. A visible solution to this is an after hours GP. This is an analysis report conducted by the Brisbane North Primary Health Network on around 300 patients. Some even called for ambulance for minor requirements. In a study, it was observed that more than 75 percent of the population does not even access GP after hours Brisbane market has today after being admitted.

Less serious patients can actually be treated by any GP after hours Brisbane has today. Even in the case of any minor surgery, any of the after hours doctors surgery can be consulted.

Cause of Crowd

The reason behind the crowd in the emergency departments could be lack of awareness. This lack of awareness could lead to demise of a needy. Besides, parents tend to panic in case any minor ailment occurs to their children. However, many doctors prefer to treat the needy first. Hence, patients with minor ailments need to be directed to an after hours GP.


Many healthcare organisations are planning to conduct “Emergency Alternative campaign”. People may have a notion that ailments, even if minor, will be treated more promptly in the emergency department than under an after hours GP. Hence, people should be made aware that the sickest person will be given priority in an emergency department.

There are numerous helpline services that will assist you to find after hours GP Brisbane wide.

Procedure of a GP Helpline

Australian government is funding such bodies. You can either access online or directly call them. This is a free service that gives you access to a list of after hours GPs which are available online even late at night or public holidays. If you do not find any GP available, you will have phone assistance for any advice on your health concerns.

When you call the GP Helpline, your concern will be assessed based on symptoms by a registered nurse and post that you will get a call back in few minutes with an advice if there is any need to reach a hospital for face-to-face assessment. However, do not assume that GP Helpline is an alternate for face-to-face assessment.

About After Hours Doctors – At Your Doorstep

When you are in need, after hours doctors offer home visiting service as well. These doctors work along with GP clinics, approved by Approved Accredited Medical Deputising Service. These doctors support the clinics by providing quality healthcare services outside their functioning hours. Their working hours are from evening to morning, and they are also available on weekends and public holidays.

They provide care when your medical centre isn’t working. These home visiting doctors can give comprehensive GP medical care to people of all age groups; be it infants, children or the feeble and aged group. They also accept bulk billing service.

Understand the medical triage before you rush to an emergency department. Remember, there could be a patient out there who needs immediate medical help.

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