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All-in-One Guide to Find Stradbroke Accommodations

Stradbroke Island is located about 30 km southeast of Brisbane in Australia. The island, which is commonly referred to as Straddie by the locals, is a famous tourist destination due to its awe-inspiring natural beauty and scenery. Like most areas in Australia, it features stunning headlands, pristine beaches, and great surfing destinations for a promising getaway trip. The relaxed village atmosphere in Stradbroke also makes guests feel welcome and easily at home. If you are planning on making a trip to this area in Australia, you have come to the right place as you will get to know more about Stradbroke accommodation options and things to see or things to do.

stradbroke accommodation

There is a wide variety of tourists to which activities and sights in Stradbroke cater to. Hence, Stradbroke is a great place to visit for adventure-seekers who want to be one with nature or small groups of friends and families who want to relax or unwind. There is also an equally-wide array of accommodation in Stradbroke.

If you are traveling with friends or backpacking in Australia, camping grounds and caravan parks are perfect for your budget and travel preferences. You will find several camping grounds as accommodation Stradbroke where you can set up your own tent or rent one for the night. A lot of camping grounds and caravan parks in this area are located close to the beach as well, which provides quick access to surf beaches.

Another great option for accommodation Amity Point in Stradbroke is a hostel. This, too, is suited for backpackers as they provide comfortable accommodations for reasonable prices. This is a perfect choice for travelers who simply want a secure place to leave their valuable items, while exploring the island at day and a place to sleep in at night.

The most popular choice of Stradbroke accommodation is house rentals and bed & breakfast, though. House rentals in Stradbroke are ideal for those who are traveling with their entire family or with a large group of friends. Most of these rentals have their own fully-furnished kitchen that allows you to cook your own meals, which consequently provides huge savings when it comes to your dining budget.

It is also convenient for your group because there are several rooms and huge spaces to accommodate everyone. If you look hard enough, you might be lucky enough to book a stay in beach houses that provide an amazing view of the ocean and quick access to beaches for when you want to go have a dip.

But if in case budget is not an issue with a Stradbroke accommodation, there are several hotels and resorts in Stradbroke Island that provide a taste of luxury during your vacation stay. You can enjoy world-class facilities and top-notch services from qualified hotel staff.

Ready to book a holiday in Stradbroke Island? Visit to find out more details about where and how you can book an accommodation for your holiday trip. The website also offers additional information on events, sights, and other attractions you can find within this island to make the most out of your stay.…

Why rentals in Caloundra are in great demand

In a recent meeting of Provincial NDP housing critics, the major issue that came up the horizon was the rising demand of real estate in Sunshine Coast. One of the eminent housing critics even went to comment that people are now so keen on getting a property in Sunshine Coast that they would even sell off their properties in Vancouver to get one in the Sunshine Coast. Undoubtedly true, the limelight that the Sunshine Coast has received in the past few years has given its real estate industry a thrusting boost. The demand for holiday rentals Caloundra offers has also risen much above expectations since the tourism industry has flourished in the region overwhelmingly. The close proximity to Brisbane has actually made it the southern gateway to the Sunshine Coast.

Scope of Entertainment with Holiday rentals Caloundra has Now

Being in Caloundra you can get the real vibe of exotic holidays. People are more inclined to visit and explore Caloundra centering their prime attraction in Sunshine Coast. Life in the Sunshine Coast revolves around the beaches and lively activities. Among the most popular Sunshine Coast holiday specials, there are exciting adventure scopes which you would never like to miss out.

Big Cart Track – Approximately a 20-minute drive from Caloundra, this Big Cart Track offers Sunshine Coast visitors a spendthrift adventurous riding track of 1.2 km where you can give your adrenaline flow a thriving rush and extract wholesome enjoyment. This is a great attraction for car racing fans. You can book a 15, 20 to 30mins ride accordingly here. Check out Henzells

Nature’s beauty – If you have the explorer lying within you, Fraser Island is the right destination for you. If you have not heard of it yet, it is one of the most commonly sought-after destinations as per the sunshine coast holiday deals. It is definitely easy for those who have chosen to take a rental in the Sunshine Coast itself; since this world’s largest sand beach is located 150kms from Sunshine Coast.

Coastal Cruise Tour – For those who prefer to stay in the Sunshine Coast, taking a cruise ride to explore the paradigm of hidden beauty of the inner waterways is an inevitable attraction. When it’s about cruise tour taking the Mooloolaba Cruise tour is the best option which essentially provides you to explore even the unexplored realms of waterway beauty.

Benefits of Sunshine Coast Holiday Rentals

·        Staying in the Sunshine Coast for your holidays lets you have an upper hand on easy accessibility and transportation to a wide range of tourist destinations, nature parks, museums, cruise ride, cart track, nature adventure, water sports, etc.

·        The close proximity of Sunshine coast with Brisbane and Caloundra lets you easily avail all the benefits of city life with the edge of avoiding the city’s hustle and bustle.

·        When you are planning on an extended vacation, choosing holiday rentals Caloundra offers is the wisest option, since this saves you a huge expenditure on the hotel or resort.

Moreover, rentals also offer you an exclusive home-like feel where you can feel at home with the entire space for you. These are indeed a great option for family vacations.  For more information, visit at

Book a Noosa Holiday Accommodation Ahead to Enjoy Fishing and Parasailing at Noosa

The sun and sea lovers who are planning to travel to the Noosa beach this summer have good news. The Noosa river mouth is yielding some nice catches of fish according to the news article on The article dated 21st July’16 on the official Noosa News site tells that the area around the Noosa river mouth, the Wood Bays and the Frying Pan are some of the best places to find good catches of fish. The fishing lovers would love to make the maximum yield of this news for extracting as much fun as possible after visiting Noosa. However, to enjoy fishing you will have to make your stay a little longer, and to make the long stay comfortable you will have to book a nice Noosaville holiday accommodation.


Some offbeat tips for the fishing enthusiasts

Besides water surfing and trekking around the local natural forests and biosphere reserves, another fun activity would obviously be fishing at Noosa. Here are some nice tips for the fishing enthusiasts to enjoy the activity.

·        Always carry your full fishing gear.

·        Carry the fishing wheel, and also carry an extra if possible.

·        Try to select all light weight fishing gear for reducing the extra weight of your baggage.

·        Carry your music system with you, so that the deadly silence may not bore you when you are fishing, and you may hear some nice music through earphones.

·        Carry a local map of Noosa and adjoining areas, so that if you go further in your fishing trailer, then also you may get back to your place of stay or Noosaville holiday accommodation by following the map.

·        Try to join a group for more fun

·        While you may not get a good catch to bring back, you should not be disappointed and rather have fun doing so. You must also travel somewhat prepared to bring back to your holiday house Noosa has a large catch. Who knows it may be your lucky fishing day!

Fishing is definitely fun in Noosa and surrounding beaches, and estuaries. But there are more fun activities here to explore. However, to take the most fun out of your expedition to Noosa, you must arrange a prior booking of your Noosaville accom. Check out rw noosa holidays

Other fun activities at Noosa

You may surf the sea waters, and here the sea is just perfect for water sports and parasailing activities. You can try the waterskiing, the banana boats and a lot more here. Besides you will meet many other tourists here, with whom you may become nice friends. To celebrate a nice evening with some wine and baked fish, and enjoy a gala dinner with freshly cooked food with your new friends, you can call them along to your rented Noosaville holiday accommodation. Most holiday homes Noosa offers allow this, and would give you a complete freedom to enjoy the vacation rental like your private home. All you have to do is check with the privacy and usage policies of the vacation rental you would be booking at the spot. This can be done online now, and won’t demand much of your efforts too. Just plan a nice vacation and fishing to enjoy the multi faceted Noosa.

For more information, visit at

Koh Samui: A Perfect Place for Destination Weddings

Every couple deserves a grand wedding, a wedding that creates memorable and cherished moments to be remembered for years to come. With the idyllic beaches, clear blue sparkling sea and natural and charmed surroundings, Koh Samui weddings are gaining popularity for destination weddings.

The island of Koh Samui, located right off the coast of Kra Isthmus, Thailand, offers stunning locales pristine white beaches and many wonderful sights to behold. With its striking and unspoiled natural beauty, it is a picture-perfect place to hold any special occasion.

Koh samui weddings are now catching up and there are many resorts that organise these in a personalised manner. All specifics of the couple are customised according to their chosen theme and from music to flowers, from photographers to props; each and every little detail is planned and impeccably arranged. The entire ceremony and wedding functions are organised by them which means less stress for you. With a little extra time at your hand, you can spend some lovely moments with family and friends.

Choosing an enchanting place for a destination wedding is an important decision that needs careful planning and the right guidance. Many couples plan their Koh Samui wedding months before, to ensure that their wedding is organised without any hitch.

Before the wedding day, take some time out and spend some relaxing time in the company of each other. Spend the day on the beautiful beach, sun bathing or go sightseeing. You can plan a romantic dinner under the sky and take a long walk on the beach afterwards. Enjoy the Thai culture and dig in the exotic and delicious range of seafood and other Thai delicacies! Try the traditional Thai Spa and let your muscles relax. For the more adventurous, there are adventure sports like snorkelling, diving and even elephant trekking to enjoy. This is the time to make your loved one feel extra special.

Many couples also plan their Koh Samui wedding along with their honeymoon. It’s a tropical paradise and with the inviting beach setting, it’s an ideal honeymoon destination that makes the time a truly cherished one to be remembered forever. A destination wedding also offers an opportunity for your friends and family to step out of the daily hectic life and enjoy some wonderful moments together.

Not just for Koh Samui weddings, but with such pleasant and cool weather all year around, Koh Samui is an ideal place to spend time with your family too. There are many resorts and hotels to choose from, with classy service. They make your stay comfortable and memorable.

If destination wedding is on your mind, then the ‘Prana Beach Villa Resort’ is a fine and exotic beach resort at Koh Samui Island. They offer distinct wedding packages to choose from and are popular for organizing Koh Samui weddings of all styles and have been appreciated for arranging weddings that are both traditional with an elegantly designed western twist to them. They cater to all your fairy tale details and will help organise the most important day of your life in an exquisite manner. And the setting of the resort, right at the beach makes it a perfect spot to hold your wedding ceremony.…

Enjoy Luxurious Holidays With a Luxury Spa Hotel in Pattaya

Whenever tourists come to Thailand for a holiday, then visiting Pattaya is surely on their agenda. It is the most popular beach resort in Thailand and is famous for its night-life as well. There are many luxury spa hotel in or near Pattaya accommodations that offer a scenic beach view and a taste of typical Pattaya fun life.

However, if you visit with your family, then you would definitely like a place that is more family oriented and sober. Your search ends at Holiday Inn Pattaya, which is a friendly and clean luxury spa hotel in or near Pattaya. Its location is so unique that all 567 guest rooms as well as suites offer a panoramic view of the seaside.

There are two units of accommodation in Holiday Inn Pattaya. One is the Executive Tower that houses 200 rooms and suites with Executive Club that offers exclusive amenities. It includes private check-in and check-out, refreshments throughout the day, executive breakfast, home-baked pastries, evening drinks and snacks, etc.

Other facilities are complimentary high speed internet and discounts on food, drinks and spa menu. The Executive rooms are located on the top 6 floors of the hotel to extend unmatched view to their esteemed guests. The rooms feature bath tub, satellite TV, lounge, tea/ coffee making machine and free Wi-Fi for members.

The other unit is the Bay Tower and has regular rooms with common amenities like bathtub, hair dryer, free Wi-Fi for members, satellite TV, mini refrigerator and a work desk. There are many more amenities available as well.

The categories of rooms are Ocean View room, Superior Ocean View, King Pattaya Bay View, Family Suite, Ocean View King Suite and King Premium Suite Ocean View. The suites are located on either 25th or 26th floor of the hotel and come ready with sun loungers in the private balcony.

The Family Suite in Holiday Inn is perfect for families and this 86 sqm room has a separate bedroom for children, which is interconnected with parent’s room. The room for children is decorated in Moby Dick themed beds and has game console to keep them happy and occupied. Their bathroom is also specially designed to please the children. The Suite has a private balcony for the family to spend some quiet time together, enjoying the ocean view.

There are many good restaurants in the hotel where the family can enjoy a good meal. Terrazo serves modern Italian cuisine, whereas Havana Bar serves Cuban food and one can enjoy drinks and snacks in the evening in the company of live music. East Coast Kitchen is open for breakfast and dinner and offers a scrumptious spread in breakfast buffet. Café G is international all-day dining venue open from 6.00 to 18.00 hrs and the extensive breakfast buffet can be enjoyed while admiring their live cooking stations.

No hotel is complete without a coffee house and Flow is just that. You can walk in for a cup of coffee and enjoy the freshly baked breads and pastries along with that. If you crave for a quick snack, then grab some sandwiches or wraps. Splash is a Pool Bar located on the fourth floor of the Bay Tower and is a perfect place to order snacks and beverages after a cool dip in the pool.

For relaxation and comfort, the hotel has Tea Tree Spa, where trained therapists give you Aroma Massage and other body treatments. It helps to soothe your body and senses. There is a Pool to cool off on a warm day or just to relax after a hard day’s work. For health conscious people, the Gym beckons with all modern day equipment for a perfect workout.

Holiday Inn Pattaya has the distinction of a fine luxury spa hotel in or near Pattaya and rightly so. They take great care to make your stay comfortable and have special Kids Clubs to keep the little ones happy and engaged during the stay.

The experienced staff conducts many activities like doll painting, bag and t-shirt painting, gelatin candle making, drawing and craft, etc. There are Ninetendo game consoles, playground ball pit, computer with high speed internet, cartoon movies, etc. All this help keep the kids occupied and give a chance for parents to relax.

So the next visit to Pattaya with family can lead you to only one destination- Holiday Inn Pattaya.…