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How Business Hotels in Sukhumvit Cater to Business Travelers

If you’re a frequent visitor at the airport in Bangkok, your might have noticed the increasing number of business travelers from all over the world flock the area. One thing is clear – Sukhumvit and Bangkok, in general, has become an ideal place for doing business nowadays. The growth of businesses has prompted a dramatic supply of business hotels in Sukhumvit to cater to business travelers. Business travelers have now become a top target in the hospitality industry.

Even so, there are many people traveling to Sukhumvit for business purposes yet not staying in business hotels. Why? Perhaps they are not aware that business hotels exist, or they don’t understand the concept of business hotels. This article will let you understand what business hotels are.

Who is a Business Traveler?

Are you a business traveler? One of the reasons you could be missing out the great opportunity of staying in a business hotel is because you don’t understand the meaning of a business traveler. The business traveler may be defined as a person who stays overnight away from the residence for the purpose of doing business. You are a business traveler if you travel away from your home for business purposes or to attend conferences and exhibitions. Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers require special services when it comes to hotels.

Characteristics of Business Travelers

  • Business travelers stay for fewer nights than leisure travelers.
  • They have particular preferences in terms of experience, comfortable rooms, and convenient locations when selecting hotels. Therefore, they’ll tend to stay in the same hotel each time they visit Sukhumvit.
  • Unlike leisure travelers, business travelers require special services and amenities. They also demand more attention from the hotels the check into.

The Needs of Today’s Business Travelers

  • Business travelers of today are not only looking for an office away from office but also a home away from home. They want hotel rooms that are homely – quiet, peaceful, safe, comfortable and clean.
  • They need business facilities so as to be productive during their business trip. These facilities include computers, cables services, fax machines, copying machines and secretarial services among others.
  • Business travelers are usually on the move so they demand fast services in the all the departments of a hotel like efficient and timely breakfasts and automatic check in/out.

Which Hotel Features Should You Look for When Traveling for Business?

An Attentive and Pleasant Staff

The staff should follow through on requests. When you ask for a 5:00 a.m wake up call, it should not come at 5:15 a.m. Similarly, you should not have to wait for a taxi for hours. Good business hotels in Sukhumvit will have efficient staff who know their hotel inside and out hence ready to answer any of your questions.

A Good Business Center

You’ll be mostly doing work-related things while at the hotel. It can be a tremendous hassle to have to run to the nearby cyber café every time you need a printout. A good hotel should have a well-equipped business center with working printers, fax machines, and copy machines.

a Reliable Internet Connection

Internet access should be strong and available in your hotel room and accessible in all the other parts of the hotel including the poolside. Middle sized business hotels in Sukhumvit will offer complimentary Wi-Fi, but the big-name hotel chains add internet charges to your bill.…