Discover five important dog training tips

Having a dog can make your life more thrilling and enjoyable. However, dogs can be stubborn at times, and their behaviors can really piss you off.  From chewing your valuable items to stepping on your favorite couch with muddy toes, dogs can be really a nuisance. Hiring Salty Dawg - Dog Trainer Sydney has to offer to teach your dog several obedience behaviors can be helpful when dealing with existing or future problem behaviors.

Most dog owners would love to train their dogs. However, they do not understand where to start dog obedience training. You could enroll to a class, but it might not be very necessary. You can train the dog yourself. Actually, if you have the right attitude, the training will be great fun to you and the dog.

Some commands could be complex, and you will require a professional Salty Dawg – Dog Trainer Sydney has to offer to help you. However, you can start with simple dog obedience commands. They are easy for your dog to understand, and you do not require specialized skills to train the dog. Some of the simple commands may include; sit, come, down, stay, and leave it. These commands will not only ensure that you have an obedience dog, but they can also help you save your dog in case of danger.

Avoid being brutal to your dog during training. Remember you want your dog to enjoy the training too. Below are tips to help you handle your dog well during training:

Listen to the dog

First, you need to listen to the dog. In case you realize that the dog is not comfortable to meet another dog, person or animal, you should not insist he greet them.  The dog is letting you know that he is not comfortable for a certain reason, and you need to respect that.  Forcing him could lead to greater problem down the line.

Show the dog some affection

Most people find it very easy to let their dogs know that they are not happy with them, but rarely do they appreciate when the dogs do good things. This is a big mistake! You should ensure that you give the dog greater attention whenever he does the right thing. Let him understand when he has made you happy.

Have realistic expectations

Adopting new behavior takes time. Have practical expectations about changing the behavior of your dog.  It may take some time for the dog to change the behavior that you dislike. In most cases, normal behaviors that dogs exhibit such as jumping, digging and barking will require most time to change.

Remember to give your dog high quality food

Dogs under training will require feeding on a diet with the appropriate portions of proteins.  Training is demanding and dogs use a lot of body and mind energy.  The dog should feed well to have the energy to go through the training.

Be consistent

Whether you train your dog on your own or you hire a Salty Dawg – Dog Trainer Sydney has today, consistency is imperative. It is also essential to involve all the other family members so that all of you work towards a similar goal. It will also ensure that you do not give contradicting commands to the dog.

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