Four Spa Treatments You Should Try!

Spa centers are appearing everywhere, and you can say it’s definitely a testament to how truly effective they are! Whether you are checking out the exotic Siri Sathorn health spa Bangkok services or the high-end Ohm Spa in New York’s bustling Fifth Avenue, there are treatments you should definitely consider trying out, like the four ones we listed below!


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Chances are, you know of one or more massage advocates, but the wrong type of massage can be daunting or even an immediate turn-off for a beginner. A first-time massage should be one that is relaxing, like a Swedish massage, and you should also ask your masseuse to go easy for now too.

You can go for just a head, neck and shoulder massage or a full-body treatment. There is also the hot stone massage, a special relaxation therapy that uses heated black volcanic stones placed on your body. Once you’ve gotten used to massage treatments, you may not think twice about traveling to Siri Sathorn health spa Bangkok to try a real Thai bodywork or Japan for the ultimate Shiatsu massage!

Body wraps

If you want a body treatment but can’t stomach a massage yet, a body wrap is a good option. A special mixture of ingredients is slathered all over your body, which is then wrapped in a warm cloth or two for several minutes. The heated cloths help the skin absorb the nutrients into the body while you just simply sit or lie down, making it a truly restful spa experience. Mud and clay body wraps are great for firming up the skin, while algae and seaweed are top choices for replenishing the body’s lost moisture and elasticity.


There are many different kinds of facials, and luckily a good spa like the one in Siri Sathorn health spa Bangkok will have a description specifying the benefits of each one and have helpful, well-informed attendants at hand to help you pick the best one for you.

A cleansing facial is suitable for just about everyone. Just imagine walking out with a perfectly clear face and near- invisible pores! A vitamin C facial brightens and detoxifies stressed-out skin, oxygen face treatments smoothen out wrinkles and even out skin tone, and seaweed facials both purify and boost moisture to bring the skin to its healthiest glow.

Hair therapy

Your hair is your crowning glory, and lush, glossy tresses can make you look like a million bucks every day. Most spas offer hair treatments that include a scalp massage and a deep conditioning mask from root to tip.

Keratin treatments are one of the most popular hair nourishing therapies, for they replace the lost protein in damaged hair strands, restoring health and shine. A cheaper alternative is a Moroccan Argan oil hair treatment, which you can also do at home by yourself!

If you’re pressed for time, like when you have a special event to go to, you can request for a combo treatment, like a facial or a hair therapy while you’re luxuriating in a warm body wrap. Taking the time to treat yourself at a spa will benefit your body in many ways, and with the four suggested treatments above, you will know what to ask for in your next trip to massage clinics.

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