Professional Rodent Control in Sydney

There are instances where rats and mice can pose a major problem in the home. When it comes to rodent control in Sydney, there are various measures that you can undertake such as using traps, baits as well as the use of tracking powder. A professional pest control expert can generally recommend the best rodent treatment solution for your premises and also offer you advice on how you can stop the rodents from coming back to your premises. The most common reasons why the rats and mice are going to infest your house is because they are finding lots of food leftovers as well as areas where they can shelter themselves around the house.

During rodent control in Sydney, the expert in pest control will begin with the extermination of the pests. Afterwards, they will advise you accordingly on the hygiene measures that you need to undertake in order to prevent the rodents from returning to the house. This will generally involve proper and timely disposal of the food sources in the house.

Rodent Deterrence Measures

Part of rodent control in Sydney is implementing tough deterrence measures that will prevent the rodents from coming back to your premises. You can start by implementing a proper proofing of the home in order to prevent the rodents from gaining entry into the house. Secondly, you need to eliminate easy access to food and food leftovers which often attracts them to your premises. Rats generally need lots of water and an easy access to it. They eat almost anything that they come into contact with although they prefer variety. That is why food leftovers are such magnet for the rodents.

Some of the prevention tips that you can implement in order to keep rats off include the following:

·         Keeping all food stuffs in containers and sealing them with tight-fitting lids.

·         Make sure the inside of the house is tidy at all times. You can also tidy up around the garden.  If there is less clutter both inside and outside your house, there will be fewer places where the rodents can hide.

·         All outdoor rubbish must be placed in metallic bins. These bins must be secured with tightly-fitting lids in order to prevent the rats from feeding on the contents.

·         All pet food in the house must be cleaned up thoroughly along with the bird seed debris. If you are storing pet food in the house, do it in containers with tight-fitting lids. It is also advisable to store it above the ground level.

·         All gardens must be kept free from any debris. In case there is a compost heap, avoid adding the organic food waste as this is going to attract the rodents.

Proper proofing the home

Proper proofing of your home is often an effective rodent control measure that you also need to implement. Good proofing will make the home less attractive to the rats and mice. You have to deny them that opportunity to get into your home. Some of the areas that you need to proof well include the vents, roofs, sewers, drains as well as the various gaps in the exteriors of the walls.

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