Termite Control Solutions for your Home

If termites have invaded your home, then you know how devastating they can be. Termites, also known as white ants, have been considered by many as lethal home destroyers. They can devastate your home in a matter of months. The Gold coast in the eastern part of the Australian coast is particularly vulnerable to termite activity. Having a proactive termite control strategy up your sleeves can save you so much damage and renovation costs if you particularly reside in these parts of the Australian coast. Here are some of the best Termite Pest Control Gold Coast has to offer today.

Preventive Control Measures

If you reside in the Gold Coast, an area prone to infestation of termites, then you need to take preventive control measures before infestation. Prevention they say is better than cure. As a preventive mechanism, you should consider the following.

Removing old tree stumps from your home. Termites tend to build a home in these areas. By eliminating the tree stumps you safeguard your property from infestation.

Using treated or naturally resistant timber when constructing

Also clearing the shrubs around the side of the house

Repairing leaky holes, taps, cracks in your brickwork and roof

Planning for regular termite inspections once or twice a year for termite activity

Termite identification and treatment

After the termites have been identified, the question is what next? The type of termite identified and the degree of infestation will determine the kind of termite pest control procedure to be taken by you or a professional termite control expert. Once termite activity has been established, you or the expert will enact some termite control strategies that will help keep the termites away. Here are some of the strategies of any termite pest control gold coast has to offer today.

Soil barrier termiticides

This is done by applying a chemical barrier in the soil around your home. This chemical barrier is toxic to the termites coming in contact with it. The toxic soil is undetectable to the termites and as they pass they carry the toxic soil back to their colonies and as a result the toxic soil affects and terminates the entire colony. This type of pesticide should be applied when the building or house is build to prevent infestation. Modern types of termiticides are environmentally friendly or low or non-toxic to humans

Termite baits

This is useful especially when the termite activity is very low. They are used together with chemical barriers and can prove useful when it comes to monitoring termite activities.

Getting rid of termites

It is significant that you seek the help of a professional when it comes to getting rid of termites.  Chemicals for termite control are only available to a licensed pest control professional. For this reason attempting to buy a chemical over the counter can be dangerous especially if you lack the expertise to use it. There are many solutions to help you rid your home of termites – it’s important that you do your homework very well to find out the best termite pest control Gold Coast has for you.

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