Vespa scooter – A class in its own

Reputed all over the world since 1946 for its painted steel unibody, Vespa is an Italian two wheeler produced by Piaggio and Co. SpA. Today it is manufactured and sold in major countries like Bangkok, India, Indonesia and Taiwan. There are 34 different versions of the Vespa with five series of production. If you are willing to own one of them, then you can certainly choose a Vespa 50cc for sale from stores that offer you a wide range of models to choose from with heavy discounts on each of them.

Features of this extravagant two-wheeler

A vespa 50cc is ideal to travel distances shorter than 25kilometres. Vintage scooters which are available since the 1960s have smaller frames with lowest engine capacity and are most affordable among others. It has a top speed of 50 kilometres per hour. Before you make up your mind to own one, you should conduct a research on all the aspects and specifications of the scooter as well as the availability of spare parts for future requirements.

Before you grab a stylish Vespa 50cc for sale, you must assess its condition. Its frame, body, seams and edges should be thoroughly checked to find traces of weariness and rust patches caused by friction. There should be no marks of rust inside the fuel tank, no ripples on the frame and no crease mark around the rear that points out damages caused by an accident.  You can take a magnet and run through its body and if the magnet fails to attract any part be sure there is body filler. You should then consider the shape of the seat and the condition of the tyres. After you are satisfied with the preliminary checking, turn your attention to the heart of the scooter-the engine. Check that it doesn’t emit smoke excessively or make uncanny sounds after you turn it on. Now you can have a test ride and expect smooth transmission, lights and horn, all functioning well. With all these aspects in impeccable condition, you may hope for a pleasant and undisturbed ride on your new possession.

Range of models

There are many models to select from Vespa 50cc for sale like GTV 300 ABS, Modern vintage,  vespa primevera, vespa Sprint S150 ABS, 946 Bellissima, LX 504V, S 504V, GTS 300 Super Sport ABS. Each of these scooters is overloaded with a 4 stroke single cylinder engine with catalytic converter and electronic fuel injection, single overhead camshaft with three valves and 155cc capacity with electric starter, forced air cooling and automatic twist and go transmission added to automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers.

The scooters are made of metal sheet with welded reinforcement and loaded with single arm front suspension with coil spring, hydraulic monoshock rear suspension, hydraulically operated front brake, mechanically operated rear brake and die cast aluminium alloyed front and rear tyres.

You can select from the myriad colors like Grigio seta, Nero volcano, Monte Bianco, Rosso Chianti, Rosso Dragon, Giallo lime and Midnight blue – each one bearing rich history and heritage of Vespa scooters.

After all being set and as you are a proud owner of a Vespa that demonstrates your personna and fashion statement, you can now flaunt it to make every passer by envious and desirous of owning one.

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