Why rentals in Caloundra are in great demand

In a recent meeting of Provincial NDP housing critics, the major issue that came up the horizon was the rising demand of real estate in Sunshine Coast. One of the eminent housing critics even went to comment that people are now so keen on getting a property in Sunshine Coast that they would even sell off their properties in Vancouver to get one in the Sunshine Coast. Undoubtedly true, the limelight that the Sunshine Coast has received in the past few years has given its real estate industry a thrusting boost. The demand for holiday rentals Caloundra offers has also risen much above expectations since the tourism industry has flourished in the region overwhelmingly. The close proximity to Brisbane has actually made it the southern gateway to the Sunshine Coast.

Scope of Entertainment with Holiday rentals Caloundra has Now

Being in Caloundra you can get the real vibe of exotic holidays. People are more inclined to visit and explore Caloundra centering their prime attraction in Sunshine Coast. Life in the Sunshine Coast revolves around the beaches and lively activities. Among the most popular Sunshine Coast holiday specials, there are exciting adventure scopes which you would never like to miss out.

Big Cart Track – Approximately a 20-minute drive from Caloundra, this Big Cart Track offers Sunshine Coast visitors a spendthrift adventurous riding track of 1.2 km where you can give your adrenaline flow a thriving rush and extract wholesome enjoyment. This is a great attraction for car racing fans. You can book a 15, 20 to 30mins ride accordingly here. Check out Henzells

Nature’s beauty – If you have the explorer lying within you, Fraser Island is the right destination for you. If you have not heard of it yet, it is one of the most commonly sought-after destinations as per the sunshine coast holiday deals. It is definitely easy for those who have chosen to take a rental in the Sunshine Coast itself; since this world’s largest sand beach is located 150kms from Sunshine Coast.

Coastal Cruise Tour – For those who prefer to stay in the Sunshine Coast, taking a cruise ride to explore the paradigm of hidden beauty of the inner waterways is an inevitable attraction. When it’s about cruise tour taking the Mooloolaba Cruise tour is the best option which essentially provides you to explore even the unexplored realms of waterway beauty.

Benefits of Sunshine Coast Holiday Rentals

·        Staying in the Sunshine Coast for your holidays lets you have an upper hand on easy accessibility and transportation to a wide range of tourist destinations, nature parks, museums, cruise ride, cart track, nature adventure, water sports, etc.

·        The close proximity of Sunshine coast with Brisbane and Caloundra lets you easily avail all the benefits of city life with the edge of avoiding the city’s hustle and bustle.

·        When you are planning on an extended vacation, choosing holiday rentals Caloundra offers is the wisest option, since this saves you a huge expenditure on the hotel or resort.

Moreover, rentals also offer you an exclusive home-like feel where you can feel at home with the entire space for you. These are indeed a great option for family vacations.  For more information, visit at http://www.accomcaloundra.com.au/holiday/Hot-Deals

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